Recipe for Silk
Scarves - makes 6 -

1. Order silk yarn
from France.

2. Wind up the warp
- 244 yarns at 14
yards each.

3. Dye yarn: Lay all
244 yarns on a table
and apply various
colors of dye with a
brush to get a nice
variegated look, or
bundle a group of
yarns and immerse
in one color of dye
to achieve a solid
color stripe - Repeat
with 4 more bundles
and 4 more colors.
Let set for 24 hours.

4. Rinse out excess
dye and air-dry
warp yarns - About
24 hours.

5. Warp Loom,
weave scarves -
allow 5 days for this

6. Remove the
scarves from the
loom, wash and line
dry. Allow 12-24

7. Press and tag

8. Find happy homes
for each scarf.

The Weaver's Helper

Handwoven Scarves, Shawls and Accessories

I believe that what you wear can lift you spirits and improve your outlook, so I am proud to be able to create art that is both decorative and functional.  After a dozen years of experimenting with color, fibers, and structure, I’ve narrowed my focus to weaving contemporary scarves and shawls, combining an age-old craft with current tools. Using all natural yarns, silks, cotton, rayon, and wools, I dye using color fast environmentally friendly pigments before warping the looms. I have one eight-harness and two sixteen- harness looms that allow me to weave intricate structures and patterns that compliment my color schemes. These looms are all hand and foot powered, just as looms of the past. I use a computer to draft my unique complex designs to create unique contemporary scarves and shawls for today’s consumer. These are not your Granny’s shawls!

A Silk Scarf in progress: Jill at the AVL Compu-Dobby

 Two AVL Dobby Looms

Jill Hunter
Specializing in hand-woven, hand-dyed scarves,
shawls, and fashion accessories from
Silk, Bamboo and other fibers

University of Minnesota,   B.S. Design

1993  Swedish Weaving  Malin Sealander
1994  Weaving in Silks, Virginia West
1997  Boundweave, Vicki Tandy
1998  Theo Mormon, Heather Winslow
1999  Twills, Bonnie Inouye
2008 ComplexWeavers, Bonnie Inouye

American Craft Council
Handweavers Guild of America
Complex Weavers


Fourth Place Fine Craft
Shaw Neighborhood Art Fair

Best of Category- Fiber: 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011; Best of Show 2011
 Maple Grove Autumn Art Fair

Hon. Mention, 2005 Laumeier Contemporary Art Fair, St. Louis, MO

Award of Excellence, 2004, 2005 Art & Air, Webster Groves, MO

Best of Category, 2002, Art on the Square Belleville IL,

Award of Excellence, 2002, Park Point Art Fair, Duluth, MN

Award of Excellence, 2001 Midwest Salute to the Masters, Fairview Heights, IL

Award of Excellence in 3D Design, 2001 Laumeier Contemporary Art Fair, St. Louis, MO